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Death of the Crocodile Hunter

Posted by jasonriley on September 4, 2006

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, the daredevil wildlife documentarian, is killed in a stingray attack while filming on the Great Barrier Reef .

This morning, at 11am Australian time, things finally came unglued for the 44-year-old as he was shooting a documentary segment on stingrays. Snorkeling on Batt Reef , a stretch of the Great Barrier Reef about 15km from Port Douglas in North Queensland, Irwin happened to swim over a large ray which, startled, whipped its barbed tail upwards into his chest. He died instantly. Veteran marine wildlife documentary maker Ben Cropp, who has spent hundreds of hours filming on Batt Reef, says Irwin had come too close to a bull ray. Citing a colleague who saw footage of the attack, Cropp says Irwin had accidently boxed the animal in, causing it to attack. “It stopped and twisted and threw up its tail with the spike, and it caught him in the chest,” says Cropp. “It’s a defensive thing. It’s like being stabbed with a dirty dagger.” Says Cropp: “It’s a one-in-a-million thing. I have swum with many rays, and I have only had one do that to me.”

Fellow crew members dragged Irwin from the water and began cardio-pulmonary resuscitation while racing their boat Croc One to meet a rescue helicopter. Despite their efforts, he was pronounced dead at Cairns Base Hospital at noon. Outside the hospital his longtime friend and producer John Stainton said, “He died doing what he loves best, and left this world in a happy and peaceful state of mind. He would have said, Crocs rule.”

Sadly, his wife Terri hasn’t been informed of Steve’s death yet. She is reported to be trekking on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and is uncontactable at the present time.

Click Here to read the Full Article.  Steve you will be greatly missed, and I offer my profound sympathy to his wife Terri and their 2 children.


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Koivu skating, optimistic he’ll be ready

Posted by jasonriley on August 23, 2006

Saku KoivuSaku Koivu

8/22/2006 3:08:08 PM

Saku Koivu is optimistic he’ll be ready to play in time for the start of the NHL season.

The Montreal Canadiens captain has been skating regularly now for the last three weeks after recovering from surgery to repair a torn retina in his left eye.

While things have been going well on the ice, Koivu acknowledges there is always the possibility of suffering further injury to his eye.

“When I look in a straight line, everything is fine,” he tells La Presse. “But when I look side-to-side… it’s a bit of a problem.”

Koivu was struck in the eye by an errant high stick from Justin Williams during Game 3 of the Habs first round playoff series against Carolina.


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Sneaky feds fill pockets by Quietly passing pay hikes

Posted by jasonriley on July 31, 2006

OTTAWA — The federal government has quietly handed senior government officials and the heads of Crown corporations pay raises and increased bonuses, sounding alarm bells from a tax watchdog and the biggest public service union.

Government executives and deputy ministers, the highest ranking public servants, are in line to get a 2.5% pay raise.

The chief executives of Crown corporations, such as Robert Rabinovitch at the CBC and Moya Greene at Canada Post, are slated to get 3% raises.

The increases will be applied retroactively back to April.

Executives and deputy ministers will also receive a 1.1% increase to what is known as “at-risk pay,” which is an end-of-year bonus. Besides this payment, executives and deputy ministers are eligible for another bonus of between 3% and 5% if they earn all their at-risk pay.


There was no formal public announcement of the increases from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government.

“What troubles me is, this is a government that was elected to ensure greater transparency, and they’ve decided to shelve a public announcement,” said John Williamson, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “It’s not so much the pay raise that bothers me as the way it was quietly stated.”

John Gordon, president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, said the salaries of senior government executives should face the same scrutiny as those of any other public servant.

“This is really a slap in the face to our members,” he said. “Regardless of the amount of money (in the raises) they should be made public.”


Here We go again, But that’s just my Opinon!!!

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5 Million hits to a Threesome (Update 2)

Posted by jasonriley on June 21, 2006

They Made it.  Yesterday around 4:15 pm Eastern Standard time they got their 5 Millionth hit.  Now I guess all that's left is to do is pick out the 2nd woman to round out the threesome.

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5 Million Hits to a Threesome (Update)

Posted by jasonriley on June 20, 2006

Yesterday I wrote about a woman has agreed to have a threesome with her boyfriend and another girl of his choosing if he could design a website and get 5 million hits on it before the end of the year.  Well it turns out that the story aired on the Bob and Tom Show and the website receive over half a million hits yesterday. 

The current hits are at 4, 595,000 +.  To register your hit click here.

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Here’s one for Worlds Dummest Criminals

Posted by jasonriley on June 19, 2006

Evert watch the Worlds Dummest Criminals show on TV?  Well here's a news story that I found.  She could have a whole show to herself.

LOGAN, W.Va. (AP) _ Police say Amanda Thompson had more than coffee in her cup. She had gone to the courthouse in Logan, West Virginia, to have a domestic violence petition issued against her boyfriend. But it was Thompson who was arrested. Authorities say they received a tip Thompson had her stash in the coffee cup she was carrying. Deputies searched Thompson and charge she had two crack pipes and a rock of crack in the cup. The Logan Banner reports Thompson's boyfriend was the one who dropped a dime on her.

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5 Million Hits to a Threesome

Posted by jasonriley on June 19, 2006

A former Cricket Player in England has an agreement with his girlfriend that if his website gets 5 million hits that he can pick a girl to have a threesome with the couple.  The only catch is it can't be her best friend. 

 Click Here to help get the hits up.

 It is currently over 4,060,000, almost there.

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mouth-to-snout resuscitation

Posted by jasonriley on June 16, 2006

It wasn't mouth-to-mouth resuscitation — but mouth-to-snout. Physician Dave Karli saved his dog by giving him C-P-R. Karli says his dog Jack, a Weimaraner mix, managed to get a ball stuck in his throat. Karli was able to remove the foreign object, but Jack wasn't breathing and had passed out. That's when Dr. Karli started C-P-R. He says in a matter of moments Jack came-to. After a check-up, a Vail, Colorado, area veterinarian says Jack's going to be O-K.

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More Beer = Less Prostate Cancer???

Posted by jasonriley on June 12, 2006

CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) _ It could be an excuse to have another brewski. Oregon State University researchers say a key ingredient in beer may help prevent prostate cancer and enlargement. The scientists report hops has a compound that inhibits cancer development. But don't get your hopes or hops up. According to the research, you would have to drink more than 17 beers to get the beneficial effect. However, scientists in Germany have developed a beer that has a concentrated version of the compound.

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Reality TV has gone too Far

Posted by jasonriley on June 9, 2006

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ It's a real cat fight. A new reality show will have the fur flying as ten felines compete for top cat on the Animal Planet cable channel. The cats will be in a New York house wired for video, like "Big Brother" or "Survivor." At stake is an executive-level job with Meow Mix cat food. Meow Mix spokesman Ira Cohen says the whole idea is to be very tongue-in-cheek. "Meow Mix House" will be shown in three-minute segments starting next Friday night. Cohen says June is a key adoption period for kittens born in the spring. He notes all the cats in the show come from animal shelters.

But that's Just my opinon!!!

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